The reason why townhouses start soon after social separation

The new condominiums with higher prices than before have partly promoted home transactions several weeks after social isolation.

A few weeks after the limited sales contact due to the isolation of Covid-19 room, some real estate floors selling townhouses started to increase slightly again after months of loss and dullness. Mr. Nguyen Loc Hanh, General Director of Ngoc Chau A Real Estate Investment Joint Stock Company explains the reasons that investors and buyers soon return to the real estate channel.

The price of newly launched apartments continues to escalate

In the first months of the year, many open apartments for sale in areas along Saigon were pushed to the ceiling price despite the impact of the pandemic. This is a shock to the group of investors who want to catch the bottom of the real estate because they expect the signals of slowdown but the price of houses still increases.

When housing prices were pushed up by developers, investors immediately divided into two groups. The first group is conservatives, continuing to wait for the opportunity to buy houses at a discount. The second group, who is more active in capital flow, decided to choose to pour money into townhouses when the launch projects are launching a lot of promotion packages, interest rate support, payment schedule extension ...

Ho Chi Minh City mainland market. Photo: Vu Le.

The mainland is less affected by the crisis

The townhouse segment in Saigon is a favored traditional investment channel when market fluctuations occur due to its good price holding characteristics. This is also a safe shelter according to the psychology of the majority of Vietnamese people.

In the last 3-4 years, the prices of townhouses in suburban areas such as Go Vap, Binh Tan, Thu Duc and other districts far from the center such as districts 8, 9, 12 or underdeveloped districts like Binh Chanh, Can Gio increased on average from 30-50% even in some places the amplitude increased to 100%.

With less devaluation at the time of crisis, and in the event of a land fever, this property appreciates faster than other real estate, the territorial house acts as a magnet to attract capital when socially separated. remove. Buyers even ignore the huge weakness of the townhouse is the value of the property is too high, in units of tens of billion, but the cash flow of exploitation or sublease is extremely low.

Houses immediately rushed to buy and sell 33
Territorial houses are supported by infrastructure launchers

After loosening the quarantine and moving to completely abolish the social gap, the HCM City government announced a series of infrastructure projects planned to be implemented in the near future. The infrastructure factors aimed at relaxing the population that the state promotes are such as a mental push, improving the psychology of the real estate market and this development has more or less impacted the purchasing power of the townhouse.

The infrastructure works, depending on the progress of fast or slow, large or small scale, have the impact of changing the price of real estate, especially the mainland will respond first. Infrastructure is also a bridge to pull people in the shape of residential areas. This explains why the liquidity of inland houses often recovered quickly when the market established a new normal state.

Land fund for townhouses is less

Considering the vision of the next decade, according to the planning of Ho Chi Minh City, the apartment building will be prioritized to be implemented in accordance with the new development situation. Currently, investors also tend to focus on developing more types of apartments than adjacent houses.

Therefore, the mainland houses along Saigon are becoming less and less and become consumer segments of the rich. This group of customers is also immune to the impact of a pandemic. Therefore, they have many conditions to buy goods as soon as the social gap is lifted.

In addition, Mr. Hanh shared points to note to avoid risks when pouring money into the mainland.

Buyers should carefully choose products with a clear legal status, a red book, a building permit, if built.

Customers should ask financial support policy questions directly to the investor. Such as handover time of land use right certificates and home ownership. Or is there a bank loan or not? If the bank lends over 60% of the product value, this is real estate with a value equal to or higher than the market value. Because the principle of the bank's loan pricing is 70% of the market price and 70% of the loan price appraisal ... equivalent to 50-60%.

Finishing standards also need special attention. For example, old or new houses, raw or complete houses? Between the raw or finished handover, the difference will be between VND 1.2-1.5 billion and this is not a small amount. However, many negligent customers do not pay attention to this. Complete home delivery of ME technical systems (electricity and water), interior paneling is quite detailed and many different price brackets. Therefore, if the investor hands over the completed house, the customer should give priority to this.

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