The change in thinking about buying houses of Vietnamese people

Mr. Tam accepted to sell his apartment loss to move to another urban area because he was bored with no utilities and his house was degraded even after buying it for a few years.

Two-bedroom 60m2 apartment in Tu Liem, Hanoi was bought by Mr. Nguyen Minh Tam (32 years old) when his family had a new member in 2013. At that time, the real estate market froze, so housing prices plummeted. , many investors launched a huge promotion to attract customers, so he closed a base because he thought "the price is quite good".

However, the short-lived joy when moving to live, Mr. Tam realized the mistake when he was too concerned about the price, accepted to buy meager utility apartments, stuffy living space ... His building living high 30 floors but only 4 elevators and small courtyard for residents to play, supermarkets, convenience stores away from the apartment.

"Every day, it takes me nearly 15 minutes to wait for the elevator to go to work. The house is quickly degraded, many walls are peeling off, soaked in water. Previously, the house was only for living but now, I need a proper living space. ", said Mr. Tam.

Home buying criteria gradually change

Many people who buy apartments when this type of housing is booming in Vietnam also have the same problem as Mr. Tam when putting the price factor on the top, then the position, investor, quality quality of life. In the middle of the market downturn and freezing, a group of customers with real demand still accepted to buy houses because of the sharp decline in prices, many policies from investors.

"To push goods, many businesses are willing to discount, give gifts to hundreds of millions to attract homebuyers. However, the quality of construction, utilities is not mentioned," said a real estate broker. real say.

A corner of Hanoi taken from above. Photo: Giang Huy.

In fact, a series of lawsuits happened at many apartment projects in big cities. If the projects have not come into operation, investors and residents sue each other about the project progress, interest rates paid on schedule ... then at the apartments that have been handed over, they cannot find a common voice. on service charges. At this time, people began to be more cautious when they came down to buy a house.

From 2014-2018, the market witnessed many cases of legal fuss. Some investors implement the project without a license, sell the project without paperwork, lack of information appraisal ... causing many people to fall into the situation of buying a house but unable to live. At this time, people began to care more about the legal status and reputation of the investor before considering the factors of location, quality of works ...

According to a survey of Vietnam real estate enterprises published in February 2019 of Vietnam Report Joint Stock Company (Vietnam Report), more than 90% of customers said that "investor reputation" is a factor. The biggest influence on the decision to buy a house. The remaining criteria include: price, favorable location, quality, design, customer service, internal and external utilities and purchasing process. People began to choose to buy apartments from reputable developers with full utilities.

Changing living environment because of epidemics and pollution

Besides the real estate market alone, pollution and epidemics also make people's buying psychology change. In recent years, the serious air pollution has made the concept of green real estate more interesting. A series of green and environmentally friendly projects are launched.

The explosion of Covid-19 made the real estate market quieter and was considered a "compensation" for changing the mindset of home buyers. If before, Mr. Tam said that the house is just a place to live, then after a period of social separation, the lack of utilities, the playground makes him think about moving house.

Experts say that the epidemic makes people more interested in the health system and supply necessities. Regarding residency, people will realize the importance of a well-planned living space, low construction density, safety and adequate utilities.

In many real estate trading floors, although the market is quiet, the number of customers learning about the high-end housing segment in multi-utility urban areas of prestigious investors has increased sharply. "After the epidemic is over, this product line will become scarce, even increase in price because of high demand while the supply is not much," an expert said.

He said that projects with full utilities in the inner area often have higher prices, but, in the current context, prices are no longer so important. "Buying a house with many utilities, the price is higher but if divided equally among the beneficiary costs, it will be extremely reasonable price. Meanwhile, buying a house without infrastructure, without legal, without utilities. later efforts, time, money ", experts assert.

Perspective of Vinhomes Smart City project.

In Hanoi, despite the difficult market, Vinhomes' projects still recorded good purchasing power. The first quarter results report of this unit showed that revenue and profit respectively increased by over 11% and nearly 185% over the same period. Major urban projects such as Vinhomes Ocean Park, Vinhomes Smart City in Hanoi or Vinhomes Grand Park in Ho Chi Minh City are highly appreciated by many customers because of the diverse system of utilities, meeting all needs from accommodation, playing, entertainment, education to people's health.

This time, the investor also launched many incentives for home buyers with many flexible sales policies. In addition to the model of online buying and selling houses, businesses also offer car vouchers worth up to 200 million to people. Mr. Tam also recently purchased a 3-bedroom apartment at the Vinhomes Smart City project so that the family could experience a completely new living space.

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