Real estate businesses 'wave' investors

River Park 1 is located at the gateway to the Aqua City urban area, offering lucrative potential for investors with long-term vision.

Recently, Novaland Group launched the River Park 1 subdivision of Aqua City smart eco-urban area to catch capital from investors who are gaining momentum after the time of avoiding epidemic.

The representative of the business acknowledged that this subdivision is a combination of strong points of location, utilities, and values ​​in order to attract investors to identify long-term paths instead of being "surfing".

Urban "gateway" subdivision

The highlight of the River Park 1 subdivision comes from the location of the gateway of Aqua City scale of nearly 1,000ha, is a "welcome" for residents and visitors to the urban area every day. This is the leverage for this area to form a busy trade-service road, providing a series of bustling shopping, experience, and trading services when the project comes into operation.

"The location brings a unique strength to River Park 1. Besides the function of accommodation, residents can combine business, helping to optimize the profit potential of housing assets. Residents themselves also easy access to chains of restaurants, hotels, shops in their own subdivision, "the representative of Novaland emphasized.

Owning a prime gateway location of Aqua City, River Park 1 subdivision opens up potential profitability.

River Park 1 is one of a few subdivisions with a layout adjacent to the arterial highway Huong Lo 2 connecting to the Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay highway. When the infrastructure is completed, it only takes about 20 minutes to move, residents of River Park 1 can go to the center of Ho Chi Minh City or Long Thanh International Airport. At the same time, essential out-of-town amenities such as schools, hospitals, markets and commercial streets are also available and are only minutes away by car.

"Investors who are knowledgeable about the market always choose products with a beautiful location. Huong Lo 2 when completed will be the key to create a chain connecting the Urban Area with the city center, thereby creating leverage to increase prices. Property value in Aqua City in general and River Park 1 in particular ", the representative of this unit added.

Meet the trend of modern green living

In addition to the advantage of the gateway location, River Park 1 also inherits the existing natural elements of a green area with trees and river systems running along the subdivision, bringing rare ecological value to the urban residents. The value of River Park 1 also comes from the large park chain that is evenly distributed throughout the subdivision, the total area of ​​greenery and water surface here is over 2.4 hectares. From the name of the subdivision, the project developer has shown it will become "green oasis" because "River" represents the river, and "Park" means the park.

This is a great strength because according to a survey from market research units, houses near the park are priced at 10-20% higher than houses that lack landscapes, hard to access trees, water surface. .

The value of the River Park 1 subdivision also comes from the ecological living space as at the resorts.

Along the river banks, parks and subdivisions also arrange a range of high-class utilities such as the system of sports ground, clubhouse, children's play area, standard resort swimming pool, mini square ... Use the facilities to serve the needs of entertainment, exercise, just be able to enjoy the air, watching the clear blue water and diverse vegetation around.

Not stopping there, residents of River Park 1 will also enjoy the common multi-level landscape ecosystem of Aqua City with many existing facilities such as a marina, a multi-purpose sports center, a commercial center. ... in just a few steps.

Profit potential over time

An additional value of River Park 1 is the scarcity of real estate in the mainland, so future products are considered as one of the investment solutions that bring about the big favor.

Many experts said that widespread infrastructure plans with many road, rail, waterway and air transport projects are being implemented as one of the factors to help increase the temperature of Eastern real estate. HCM City.

In particular, ring road 2, ring road 3, connecting this area with Ho Chi Minh City - Long Thanh - Dau Giay - Phan Thiet highway, helping to move to the city center, the southeastern provinces and Long Thanh international airport is more convenient. The metro line No. 1 (Ben Thanh - Suoi Tien) speeds up to be ready to operate by the end of 2021.

The breakthrough in Eastern infrastructure is one of the factors that this area's real estate continues to add value.

"Rescuing values ​​in the near future with flexible payment methods, River Park 1 has great potential to be a strategic and long-term lucrative channel for investors," said a real estate expert. identify.

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